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Rapid Eye Movement

Throughout my time teaching in Prague, I was lucky enough to collaborate with the drama teacher there, Joel Sugerman, on his productions. One of my favorite productions was this devised piece "Rapid Eye Movements". The play was written and created by Joel and the students drawing from their dreams and nightmares, related literature, interviews, and their imaginations. The concept for the set design was long hanging rolls of alternately translucent or lacy paper that could be used to create and reflect shadows and light. The effect was an appropriately dream-like world hat shifted quickly and stunningly with changes in the lighting. The costumes were simple tunic-style garments with loose fitting pants. Each tunic was embroidered with a whimsical motif: a constellation, patchworks, old photos, loteria cards, buttons, and dragonflies. The idea was to conjure a sense of the boundless, fanciful nature of dreams.

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